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Anna Zoe Cohen for District 20

As a lifelong resident of Bakersfield, CA, Anna Zoe Cohen intimately knows the issues that affect her District.

And she’s finally taking a stand.

She is the ONLY woman on the Republican ballot for the 2024 Special Election. She stands for policies that will bring powerful change, protect the community, enhance education, and help the community thrive.

Change in Washington doesn’t happen when you continually put the same old folks in seats. Cohen is not a quitter. Vote Anna Zoe Cohen, the choice for District 20.

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All About Anna Zoe Cohen

About Anna

Get to know her:

Born and raised in Bakersfield, Anna studied Political Science at UCLA. In addition to being a Rotarian, Scottish Rites volunteer, and double bassist in the Tehachapi Symphony, she also teaches instrumental music at six high schools in the Kern High School District.

Internationally, Anna has worked with the Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic, to foment cultural exchanges. She is also a proud wife and mother (something the other Republican special ballot candidates cannot claim).

Anna is a grass roots candidate. Are you a sports fan? She’s like a special team in the NFL, sent to kick the winning goal. Or a MLB pinch hitter, getting the home run to win the game.

Special elections require special teams. Cohen has been a triathlete for 30 years, and knows how to reach the finish line. She intends to keep District 20’s agricultural community thriving, to support the robust oil economy, fight inflation, keep borders safe, ensure veterans are honored, keep America out of a protracted war, and swat away the “do nothings” in Congress who delay decisions.

Anna Zoe Cohen's vision & mission

If elected, Cohen's 3 priorities:

Solve the Border Crisis

Cohen will address the border crisis like cancer, intending to treat & avert the pain of the disease from spreading, until the cure is legislated. Doing nothing, or applying triage, hasn't worked. The cancer has continued to grow and multiply. Cohen believes processing centers should be within immigrant borders, not America's, and should not wait until immigrants arrive on US soil. Be proactive. If we can get McDonalds in almost every country, why not processing centers? Why wait until barbed wire is cut, tunnels are dug, and encampments enlarged? District 20's cities cannot absorb the influx.

put people first

Anna Zoe Cohen will represent her constituents and do the work that is needed. Elected officials have lost sight of representative government, and instead, look for stardom, book deals, and media coverage. They have lost the connectivity of the statement, “we the people”. Cohen will read the bills, be there to vote, represent District 20, and address the peoples' central valley concerns. Water, oil, inflation, agriculture, the working class, and young lives will all be protected. Cohen knows sensible family values produce crops of sustainable communities.

Positive Change

America's position in the world, should be one of strength, endurance, and respectability. Anna Zoe Cohen will act with knowledge and respond with integrity. She knows the dangers of erasing America's past, and instead, has chosen to embrace the future. Cohen will fix longstanding issues with positive new changes, instead of trying to rewrite history. Her forward-thinking policies are ones of relevance and care. The Constitution is not just a piece of paper, but instead a symbol of hope and progression. Cohen will embrace what her constituents stand for, as Americans, and as citizens of District 20. Stand for something, or fall for everything.

Health care
work field
for a bright future...

cohen will Focus on solutions

The Immigration Solution

Anna Zoe Cohen believes immigration needs to be suspended until the process is cleaned up. She will stop the onslaught of drug and human traffickers that seep over, under, and around her community's borders.

The Veteran Solution

Cohen's father was a WWII Veteran to the Pacific. She will protect America's military, honor its veterans, and support policies to accommodate Americans.

The Agriculture Solution

Agriculture is a paramount industry in District 20. Cohen plans to support the robust agricultural community and keep water inside the district rather than allowing it to be sold to Los Angeles - or worse, go to the ocean. She will support the oil community and put a stop to California legislation choking it.

The Criminal Solution

As a priority, Cohen will make District 20 safe by punishing criminals; without using a revolving door to let them re-enter society. Anna Zoe Cohen supports the 2nd Amendment, the PGA, (her husband is an avid golfer) and vows to protect constituents from the outside forces that spy on people through social media.

The War Solution

America is in a fragile position; trying to support its allies without engaging in several protracted wars is tricky. Anna Zoe Cohen can find balance, vote for safety, and elevate America domestically & globally with sensibility and the consciousness anchored in America's Constitution.


Anna Cohen - March 19th Special Election





Anna Zoe Cohen on:


Housing & the Homeless

Housing the Unhoused

Cohen will consider reopening closed correctional facilities to house the unhoused. She vows to explore options that benefit the community, like seeing if Taft Correctional Facility (which closed in 2020) could be a sanctuary for the unhoused and get them the services they need to recommit to a better life.

Affordable Living for All

Affordable housing is a tough issue because the free-market system encourages ownership and prosperity. But Cohen is dedicated to finding a solution.

Seniors have choices to have inclusive care, and that could also work for families and financially struggling citizens. Cohen will explore solutions, like a shared cost network, where willing seniors who want to stay home could house others and split living costs. 


solutions for a better tomorrow


Anna Cohen - March 19th Special Election


vote Anna Zoe Cohen for District 20

Anna takes action

did you know...?

Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) is a fungus that is rampant in the central valley. It spreads faster in drought conditions, and from a fungus in the creosote bush. Anna plans to clear fields of this contaminating weed and reduce the spread of Valley Fever. This disease is geographically significant in District 20, as well as Arizona.

Every summer gets hotter and the streets emanate clouds of heat that burn the paws of our furry friends. Some cities have employed painting the streets a particular shade of blue to keep the tar from releasing more heat. Anna will use science to keep temperatures lowered when and where the community needs to most.


Anna Cohen - March 19th Special Election


Anna Zoe Cohen for District 20
the people want Cohen


for Anna Zoe Cohen:

Anna Zoe Cohen is endorsed by women voters from the ages of 18-75. The women in District 20 have felt invisible and Anna is their voice in Congress.

Free Mason Scottish Rites have given Cohen their support, as well.

Career politicians have proven they quit, sue, straddle ballots, and put themselves first. Anna Zoe Cohen put constituents first.